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Sponsored Video: ASOS Denim Menswear Range

Carrot Leg, Drop Crotch, Easy Fit, Boot Cut, Skinny... There are vast swathes of styles and sub-styles when it comes to denim jeans. And that's not even considering the official terms - such as shrinkage, cocking and selvage - used to describe the various ways in that denim is cut, treated and stitched. In short, unless you generally sit 'FROW' at Men's Fashion Week, choosing a new pair of jeans can be a mid0-melding, tongue-twisting affair. It's hardly a great surprise that, on the whole, men aren't too keen to discuss denim.

But - Ta-dah! - that's precisely the miracle that online style emporium ASOS has managed to pull off. As you'll see from the video above, it turns out that men can talk about denim. And what's more, men can now buy denim - with ease - from ASOS' amazing new Menswear Denim Range, which features over 600 styles suitable for everyone.

Although, if 600 styles sounds a bit much, don't worry. ASOS has combined that vast choice with plenty of clear advice and expert help, designed to guide you to the ones that'll fit you perfectly - right down to the very last thread.

To highlight the fact that ASOS now carries denim for everyone, the video sees consumers challenge ASOS to do cool stuff with their denim range: from helping you to meet a girl to freezing a pair. The best challenges will be chosen and ASOS will reply back to them with a short video to help show you that ASOS' denim can take on any challenge.

So, watch the video, get thinking and come up with a challenge now:

ASOS YouTube channel | ASOS Twitter | Denim Challenge Competition | ASOS

This post is sponsored by ASOS.


Sponsored Video: Macallan The Flask

There comes a point in a man's life when swigging whisky from a bottle is considered 'not ok', and yet swigging from a hip flask is not just 'ok' - but actively encouraged. If you've reached that stage of sophistication you'll be interested in Macallan's new hip flask. Simply entitled 'The Flask' it's been created in partnership with luxury sungoggle experts Oakley, and is specifically engineered not just to transport a fine malt but to enhance its flavour. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium and carbon fibre, The Flask features a non-slip rubberised bottom and a laser-cut inner. It's fair to say that had Seal Team 6 celebrated the neutralisation of Osama Bin Laden with a fine single malt, The Flask is exactly the kind of hardware they'd have reached for.

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Sponsored Video: MINI: Not Normal

It's fair to say that the 'Amalgamated Drawing Office project number 15' - better known as the MINI - has come along way since its inception in the late Fifties. A British icon and a rally driver's dream rolled into one, the MINI is one of the few cars to be driven by hippies and bowler-hatted gentlemen with equal measures of pride. A democratic, idiosyncratic slice of engineering genius that has charted its own path for over 40 years? Sure. A normal car? Not exactly.

The MINI grew not out of a desire to build a great car - but out of a desire to build a better miniature car than the Germans, whose economical 'bubble cars' had become hugely popular in the midst of the Suez fuel crisis. But when Britain's answer to the bubble car was launched in 1959, design snobs laughed at the MINI's trademark 'wheel at each corner' layout, while industry experts labelled its front-wheel drive engine (which left 80% of the Mini's floorpan for passangers and luggage) anachronistic. Those whose bought one, however, appreciated every bit of its creative design.

Besides, had the MINI have been designed like a 'normal' car it's unlikely anyone would remember it today - far less own one. Being 'Not Normal' is, it seems, what made the MINI a success. To celebrate this, you can watch the brilliantly art-directed 'MINI: Not Normal' video above. Oh and one last thing. The MINI isn't the only thing that has come a long way since late Fifties: the company is now owned  and brilliantly-run by BMW. So well done, Germany... not a phrase you'd normally hear in Britain.

This post has been sponsored by MINI.

Sponsored Video: Joop! Homme Wild

Sophisticated, elegant, subtle - the new male fragrance from Joop! is none of these things. But as the name suggests - say hello to Joop! Homme Wild - it's a rebellious, free-spirited scent for those who don't spend too long agonising over whether their socks match. Homme Wild opens with a spicy blast of pink peppercorns and rum, before transitioning into something a little more woody. Those notes are underpinned by warm, blond tobacco. A scent that smells of blond tobacco? We like it. To launch this rather manly marvel, Joop! has compiled a series of videos containing pointers for the ultimate wild night out in various cities. The video above contains a little tour of the hotspots in London, including: It's Something Hell's on Kingly Court, where you can get a sharp haircut; The Great Frog on Ganton Street for men's jewellery; shudderingly-named Prick tattoo parlour on Old Street and Camden Proud, the boistrous art gallery and bar.     

£38.50 (75ml) |

This post has been sponsored by Joop


Power To Generation M

The iPhone might be the most popular camera in the world but while it's handy for insta-mat-o-tweeting your heavily vingetted snaps, there are limits to what it can do. The Canon EOS M - you might have heard the buzz - is pretty much the best new interchangeable lens camera on the market. It's as powerful as a spy satellite and has a superb touchscreen. To show off its capabilities, Canon has commissioned 'Generation M' (a hand-picked group of artists and photographers) to experiment with one. The video above shows photographer Clemens Poloczek playing with moving images as he drives through the forest in a DeLorean DMC-12. It's a classic road movie with a twist: unlike real life, the DeLorean doesn't break down.

Canon EOS M camera from £650 | Click here for more Generation M


Japanese Ice Pick

Ever found yourself smashing a particularly stubborn bag of ice against the corner of a granite worktop, in the hope of freeing a few chunks for your G&T? As is often the case, the Japanese have invented a gadget to ease this predicament. The Japanese Ice Pick can be used to break apart ice cubes or chip a chunk off a block. We'd also recommend carving your guests initials into their ice to prevent awkward mix ups.

£45 |


Eastpak Amos x Wood Wood Bag

If you've ever seen the cartoon The Adventures of Tintin, this beautifully 'correct' bag may ring a few bells - it looks a little like the 1950's canvas sack that the strawberry blond reporter took to Tibet with him. A collaboration between Eastpak, the ingenious travel and lifestyle brand and Wood Wood, darlings of the Danish street couture scene, it is entitled Desertion. Assuming you're not colour blind, it's fairly obvious why.

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Ray-Ban Legends Collection

As Jack Nicholson famously observed: "With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 70.” To celebrate the power of a pair Ray-Bans, the iconic brand is marking its 75th anniversary with a new Legends collection. The 1960s-era Laramie model (pictured) is being re-issued and benefits from modern materials and three vintage lens colours.

£100 |


Timex SL Series Flyback Chrono

Sports chronographs are usually best paired with casual attire; slim, minimal watches with evening wear. Timex's ninja-black SL Series Fly-Back Chrono is one of the few timepieces that works with with both t-shirt and jeans or sleek velvet tux. It performs a need trick, too. Usually when one resets a watch, one loses several seconds in the process because the seconds hand stops. This watch contains a microprocessor that tracks how long the seconds hand stopped for - then moves it back into the same position when you snap the crown back down.

£185 |


Jaguar F-Type

Fifty years. That's how long it has taken Jaguar to come up with a successor to the E-Type. But to be fair, the British marque had set the bar so high that any old lollygagger-on-wheels would have pretty much decimated its rather enviable heritage. On that note, behold the F-Type V8S. Sadly, contrary to speculation, it won't be making an appearance in the new James Bond film, Skyfall (instead, M is driven in an XJ Ultimate). But on the upside, the F-Type has more than enough gadgetry to make 007's knees tremble.

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